Yoga Rocks is a yoga studio in Glen Ashley, between Durban and Umhlanga

Welcome to Yoga Rocks

Yoga Rocks is first and foremost a community of unique individuals who foster a safe and nurturing environment to explore the art of yoga through spiritual awakening, emotional growth, intellectual refinement and physical unfolding. Through our growth as individuals and as a community we choose to celebrate life, to cultivate beauty in the world and to uplift others around us through our actions.

Yoga Rocks is made of people from all spheres of life who practice yoga that’s rooted in alignment, grounded by self-study and inspired by truth and possibility.

We are united by our love for yoga
– and united we shall breathe!

Yoga is a practice of self-study, However we believe that connecting with each other on this journey is the key to a deeper connection with ourselves, and everything we’ve created is to help nurture these connections. Through movement, stillness, and everything in between.

You are invited and welcomed in our community.

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Yoga Rocks
is all about

This is where we begin to visualize
your yoga sketches and make them into asanas.

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You are invited and welcomed into our community. Contact us for more info.

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